We are facing one of the biggest humanitarian crises of the 21st century. In this context Greece is the main receptor of refugees, the first shelter for people who are forced to abandon their homes, the first stop in their difficult journey. Europe is obliged to respond to the refugee issue with an analogical distribution of refugees among all the Member-States, in order to relieve the host countries (Greece, Italy, Spain) from the huge responsibility of catering for the safety and the needs of each and every refugee arriving every day, by employing the European institutions and collective forces. There is no doubt that no country can manage individually an enormous crisis like the current one, which has been affecting the Mediterranean area the last 5 years.

The physical object proposed will illustrate and simultaneously serve as a non-verbal comment on the present situation. The European area will be presented as a landscape with a variety of different altitudes. The higher points represent the countries with the more intense refugee and immigrant flow in Southern Europe. What is inferred from the landscape is that in the area of Southern Europe has been created a new one, the ‘new site of Europe’. Based on the data of UNHCR concerning the refugee flows, a new background has been proposed which indicates the need for the flows to spread across the European area as a whole. That gesture shows the crucial need for the refugees to obtain the actually required space, while, as per the architectural proposals, it appears that a new field of research and a new site of creation is bound to emerge.


Pavlos Chatziangelidis founded 314 architecture studio in 2004. He studied civil engineering in National Technical University of Athens 1996-2002 and architecture engineering in The University of Thessaly 2006-2012. In 2004 he acquired a Master of Arts degree in design. The name 314 of the studio, is inspired from the mathematic symbol π = 3,14 that is used to count the area of the circle. This reference is related to the philosophical dimension of the concept of the circle. The basic characteristic of his design beside the ecological, social and programmatic dimensions of the project, is the creation of a shell that urges the user to experience an abstraction.


H_3 house in Athens:
Official Nomination for 2015 Mies Van der Rohe European Union prize.
Official Nomination for 2015 Piraneski Dnevi International awards.
H_3 was among '20 most popular projects' on the worlds most visited architecture magazine 'Archdaily' for 2013.
First prize on "30 Years of Architecture" by KTIPIO for 2016.

H_34 apartments in voula:
Official Nomination for 8th Greek Architecture Biennale.

C_29 optical shop:
Architizer A Awards 2016 "Special Mention"

Other distinctions:
1st prize Exploring the boundaries awards. 1st prize 2013 'Greek Architects' website thesis awards.

Our work has been presented in many Architecture exhibitions and has been published in worlds most popular books, magazines and websites. Our H_3 project has been filmed on documentary for Argentina and Katar television.
The studio has published it's works on worlds most popular international architecture magazines and newspapers such as: • Archdaily • Designboom • Dezeen • Architizer


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