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‘Dhil Alsamaka’: Apartment in Vas. Pavlou, Voula, Greece

The architectural design carefully considers both the current context of the area and its future development. With this in mind, a composition of distinctive and contemporary architectural language is crafted to establish a landmark in the evolving area of Voula.

The central concept revolves around creating a double shell that envelops the structure along the lateral boundaries of the plot and throughout its vertical axis, ensuring privacy for the building’s occupants. The unique shape of the plot, coupled with its proximity to Vassileos Pavlou and Plastira streets characterized by narrow facades and expansive sides, necessitates the creation of private spaces while maintaining seamless integration with adjacent areas. Consequently, two expansive open spaces featuring greenery and recreational amenities are delineated, adhering to the plot’s geometric principles and harmonizing with neighboring environments.

Curved plates, subtly rotated on the vertical axis, impart a sense of volume that is both dynamic and non-compact. These architectural elements cast intriguing shadows on the building’s facades and offer diverse visual perspectives from the balconies.

The shell is punctuated with sporadic openings in more secluded areas and densely distributed in others. Glass elements cover the openings that connect to the building’s internal spaces, introducing captivating reflections within.

Emphasizing sustainable development and fostering a symbiotic relationship with the environment, the design minimizes the consumption of natural resources and harnesses renewable energy sources. Local climatic data informs design decisions.

A pivotal aspect of the design is the incorporation of water features and green surfaces, which cultivate and nurture microclimates while mitigating CO2 emissions and averting the urban heat island effect. On the ground floor, a shallow lake with stable islands and a swimming pool, alongside lush gardens, fosters a microclimate conducive to natural cooling. Tall trees, conducive to bioclimatic design, are strategically planted, while balconies are adorned with greenery. The perforated pergola on the roof serves as a diaphragm, providing essential shading, ventilation, and cooling to foster a favorable microclimate.

project info

Architectural Office: 314 Architecture Studio
Location: Voula, Greece 
Lead Architect: Pavlos Chatziangelides
Architects – Design Team: Giota Chala, Eleftheria Fatsea, Frini Papadopoulou, Eve Apodiakou, Antonis Sarris, Dimitris Panagiotou, Andrianna Triantafyllopoulou, Eirini Bouliou, Katerina Palantzi, Eleni Zygogianni, Anna Stagaki, Alexandros Papadopoulos, Dimitra Stergiou, Maria Kaliora
Structural Engineer: Foteini Karagiani
Mechanical Engineer: Stefanos Karagiannis -SKV Consulting
Study Coordination Team: Francesco Castaldi Cuppari, Padelis Apodiakos
General contractor: QG investments, Padelis Apodiakos 
Photo Credits: Voumvakis Architecture Photography
Year of completion: 2023
Type: Residential