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H_50 Apartment block: Apartment building in Petralona

H50 is an apartment block situated in Petralona, one of the oldest and most densely populated districts of Athens, nestled close to the renowned archaeological Park of Athens, “Filopappou Hill.” Occupying a 118 m2 plot, the building comprises two two-storey houses, each spanning 105 m2, along with a rooftop garden. The block’s primary entrance is accessed via an open ground floor space known as “pilotis.”

The architectural concept revolves around the notion of a monolithic structure, evoking the image of a single piece of stone, such as marble. This concept aims to highlight and juxtapose the rough and smooth surfaces of metamorphic rock through sweeping triangular curves on the exterior facade.


Patios are positioned on the southeast side of the plot, with all apartments facing the street. Metal folding shades not only shield the courtyard and rooms from sunlight but also accentuate the monolithic nature of the block and ensure the privacy of residents. Modular elements are integrated into both the interior and exterior design, contributing to a cohesive visual language. The irregular yet cohesive form of the structure presents a pure aesthetic vision, further emphasized by the use of raw marble.

project info

Architectural Office: 314 Architecture Studio
Location: Athens, Greece
Lead Architect: Pavlos Chatziangelides
Architects – Design Team: Giota Chala, Theodora Papadopoulou, Stelios Dilintas, Angeliki Kokkosi, Andreea Bratu, Georgina Giassia, Karoline Kalionyte, Orestis Anastasiou, Carlos Celles Marti-Belda
Structural Engineer: Foteini Karagianni
Electrical / Mechanical Engineer: Box engineering
Type: Residential