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‘Mantaray‘: Apartments in Artemisiou 4, Glyfada, Greece

The 314 Architecture studio focuses on the importance of experimentation, the ability to have an idea and a distinct form that triggers both the user’s and the passerby’s imagination. Our office’s fundamental philosophy, beyond the ecological, social, and innovative dimensions of each project, is to create an environment that encourages the user to experience, understand, and perceive contemporary architecture in a different way.

We are interested in the emotional connection with the environment. The intellectual and emotional bonds of an individual with a place. The southern suburbs are a highly referential area, constantly evolving in all directions and always attracting diversity. It is an active platform for innovative and transcendent ideas that also features Mediterranean architectural characteristics, as water elements and the sea are an integral part of it.

What is defined as “Mediterranean architecture” arises from the way of life of the residents translated into space-matter-place. For this reason, it is governed by a plethora of typologies-archetypes and design concepts. Due to climatic conditions, houses in the Mediterranean adopted some particular characteristics. The relationship of the residence with the path of the sun and the seasons is also related to the connection of the interior with the outdoor space.

Architectural design takes into account both the existing state of the area and the future. In this direction, a composition of unique and contemporary architectural language is created with the aim of creating a landmark in the developing area of Elliniko. Our plot is located 150m from the Elliniko Airport and thus from the future Metropolitan Park. Therefore, the design of the apartment building with its international idiosyncrasy is integrated into the wider area. It is an apartment building characterized by parallel, irregular slabs. These thin and curved slabs create a dynamic yet lightweight construction, which operates like a sculpture. The uniqueness of this composition also lies in the fact that the edges of each slab do not follow the classic vertical alignment, so each endpoint is at a different point on the x, y axis. The choice of pergola at the level of the planted roof creates a belief, a harmonious and gentle ‘erasure’ of the composition.

During the design, we took into account bioclimatic design, thermal comfort, prevention of sealing of the soil, and creation of microclimates. This is contributed by the balance between soft and hard surfaces in the uncovered area, vertical transparent openings, and others.

project info

Architectural Office: 314 Architecture Studio
Location: Glyfada, Greece 
Lead Architect: Pavlos Chatziangelides
Architects – Design Team: Giota Chala, Eleftheria Fatsea, Frini Papadopoulou, Eve Apodiakou, Antonis Sarris, Dimitris Panagiotou, Andrianna Triantafyllopoulou, Eirini Bouliou, Katerina Palantzi, Eleni Zygogianni, Anna Stagaki, Alexandros Papadopoulos, Dimitra Stergiou, Maria Kaliora
Structural Engineer: Foteini Karagiani
Mechanical Engineer: Stefanos Karagiannis -SKV Consulting
Developer: Sunnyland S.A.
Year of completion: 2022
Type: Residential