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C13_Complex of blocks: Complex of blocks and facilities in Fleming & Karkavitsa, Pigadakia Voulas

The C13 complex of blocks and facilities is located on a plot of 7328 m2 in the area of Voula in existing building.


The architectural concept meticulously considers both the current ambiance of the locale and its potential for future development. The surroundings boast serenity, lush greenery, wide streets, and sweeping vistas that span from mountains to sea.


Taking inspiration from the rhythmic motion of ocean waves, the architectural design captures the innate fluidity and harmony found in these undulating patterns. Organic curves and fluid design elements mirror the captivating movement of water, creating a space that harmonizes with the natural beauty of its setting. This influence infuses the environment with a captivating and distinctive ambiance, seamlessly blending nature’s allure with contemporary architectural functionality.


To realize this vision, a synthesis of modern architectural language is embraced, characterized by elegance and minimalist principles. The design prioritizes delivering a comprehensive experience, crafting spaces that authentically evoke tranquility, reconnect individuals with nature, and elevate overall quality of life.


The complex encompasses eight residential buildings complemented by shared spaces featuring swimming pools, water features, spa facilities, conference centers, seating areas, a gym, and various other amenities.

project info

Architectural Office: 314 Architecture Studio
Location: Voula, Greece
Area: 7328.00 sq.m.
Lead Architect: Pavlos Chatziangelides
design team: Giota Chala, Timotheos Kopsidas, Dimitra Stergiou, Giannis Dimitrelis, George Ouzounis, Anna Stagaki, Antonis Sarris, Alexandros Papadopoulos, Katerina Palantzi, Dimitris Panagiotou, Andrianna Triantafyllopoulou, Eirini Bouliou, Iro Dermitzaki, Angeliki Ragava, Harris Grivokostopoulos, Pope Papachristou, Eva Sofoulaki, Sofia Stavrou, Christina Iliopoulou, Sotiriou Aggelos, Katerina Tsili, Kassiani Gioti, Katerina Papoutsa, Elisavet Kiretsi, Elena Papakosta
Structural Engineer: Foteini Karagianni
Mechanical Engineer: Stefanos Karagiannis -SKV Consulting
Development: Greenhill Voula Estates 
total apartments area: 8000 m2
Total facilities area: 716 m2
Year of completion: under construction
Type: Mixed Use – Residential