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‘H1002‘: Apartments in Kolonaki, Athens, Greece

H1002 is a residential project nestled in the heart of Athens, situated on Spefsipou Street in the prestigious Kolonaki district. 


This area is renowned for its picturesque charm and is home to a neoclassical building constructed in 1870, to which the H1002 plot is connected.

At the core of the design concept is the utilization of physical transparency, achieved primarily through the prominent use of frosted glass throughout the building. This approach allows natural light to filter into the interior spaces, creating a sense of luminosity and openness. Frosted glass panels adorn the interior walls of each property, augmented by concealed lighting to emulate the effect of natural light permeating the residence. This design choice not only enhances spatial connectivity but also offers flexibility in the organization of the living spaces.

The incorporation of arcs on the building’s facades adds a distinctive aesthetic touch, evoking a sense of nostalgia while maintaining a contemporary appeal. These arcs contribute to the creation of a serene and inviting atmosphere, blending elements of the past with modern design sensibilities.


Comprising five individual properties, one of which is linked to the neoclassical building, each residence enjoys spectacular views of Lycabettus Hill, one of Athens’ most iconic landmarks. This orientation toward the hill enhances the overall appeal of the building, offering residents a scenic backdrop to complement their urban lifestyle.

project info

Architectural Office: 314 Architecture Studio
Location: Athens, Greece 
Lead Architect: Pavlos Chatziangelides
Architects – Design Team: Giota Chala, Eleni Zygogianni, Timotheos Kopsidas, Katerina Palantzi, Antonis Sarris, Dimitris Panagiotou, Andrianna Triantafyllopoulou, Eirini Bouliou, Anna Stagaki
Structural Engineer: Foteini Karagiani
Type: Residential