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‘Plastic Clinic‘: Rhodes, Greece

Our proposal for the preserved two-story single-family house in the ‘Niochori’ neighborhood in Rhodes
involves mild interventions both in its interior and exterior, aiming to highlight the existing building and its
Starting from the exterior space, a pergola, a non-permanent structure, is created in the uncovered area,
aiming to shelter the space. It serves as a shading pathway, an alternative internal shading of two lanes
with views to the garden, providing privacy during the passage of clients to the clinic at the rear of the
building. The design aims to engage with the arches, a characteristic feature of the building, and the
round openings it bears on its facades.
The construction consists of very thin metal rods, which are curved in such a way as to create successive
arches, covered by perforated fabric, white in color, discreet during the day, providing shading, and more
intense at night with targeted lighting. The landscape surrounding the preserved area will be
appropriately shaped with partial mild interventions and formations of plants.
Inside, on the ground floor, the cylindrical columns will be preserved and clad in white marble, and false
ceilings with lighting will create a sense of well-being and relaxation in the space, helping clients of the
clinic to feel comfortable and to appropriate the space. The building will be upgraded with new bioclimatic
installations, and a cylindrical-shaped elevator for serving people with disabilities will be installed on the
north facade of the building. Externally, around the perimeter, on the lawn, white Kavala marble will be
placed, softened for non-slip reasons. On the Roof, a planting space will be formed, contributing to the
bioclimatic adequacy of our building.

project info

Architectural Office: 314 Architecture Studio
Location: Rhodes, Greece
Lead Architect: Pavlos Chatziangelides
Architects – Design Team: Giota Chala, Anna Stagaki, Alexandros Papadopoulos, Eleni Zygogianni,
Katerina Palantzi, Antonis Sarris, Dimitris Panagiotou, Andrianna Triantafyllopoulou, Eirini Bouliou,
Dimitra Stergiou, Timotheos Kopsidas, Iro Dermitzaki
Type: Commercial