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“Les Lumieres a la Champagne”

Revamping a 1960s detached house in Athens into an architectural office was our bold mission. Our goal with the renovation was to create a striking contrast between the traditional charm of the existing structure and a fresh, contemporary design. We focused on enhancing materiality, lighting, and introducing an innovative new roof concept.

By blending Greek traditional hues with futuristic silver curtains and romantic contemporary elements, we demonstrated how to bring age-old culture into the modern era. To honor the iconic Greek style, we coated both the exterior and interior walls in pristine white, using oil paint to reflect light and evoke a mysterious ambiance. LED tapes were strategically placed to follow the architectural lines of the interior, illuminating the space with gradient light while preserving the integrity of the design. Each room was adorned with white light balls, adding a nostalgic touch to the atmosphere.

To further delineate the spaces, we utilized silver curtains and mirrored doors, infusing a sense of futurism into the environment. Outside, in the courtyard, the color palette remained consistent, with white pebbles covering the ground and silver ribbons adorning the olive and lemon trees.

To define the rooftop, we employed a vertical lightweight metal structure resembling a cage, creating an imaginative focal point. Here, a magenta-colored floor and the presence of palm trees completed the fusion of architectural styles, staying true to our romantic and innovative vision.

project info

Architectural Office: 314 architecture studio
Location: Glyfada, greece
Area: 104 sqm
Lead architects: Pavlos Chatziangelides
Architects – Design team: Giota Chala, Eve Apodiakou, Alessia Arca, Olga Avgetidou, Alberto Grobe, Denitsa Dincheva, Eleftheria Fatsea, Fransisco Garrido Roca, Javier Golbano Gomiz, Stilliana Haritou, Andrius Keras, Zahari Merdzhanof, Eirini Bouliou, Dimitrios Panagiotou, Friny Papadopoulou, Candice Pouzout, Lukas Ramanauskas, Robin Rouillier, Emilija Tekoriute, Andriana Triantafillopoulou, Alessandro Tucci
Photo credits: 314 architecture studio
Year of completion: 2018
Type: Commercial